Measuring Equipment

For measuring equipment, Holy has over 90 sets devoted to this specialty. 

The measuring equipment at our Production Base in Holy Industrial Park, in Pengzhou, Chengdu, include:

 ▪ Taylor roundness meter – “Taylor” is excellent for measuring large diameter bearings and components that are not symmetric in their rotation, while increasing throughput.

 ▪ End measuring machine – “Mahr” makes measuring with certainty easy for operators and offers great performance data with the latest computer technology.

 ▪ 3-Dimensional measuring machine – “B&S,” as we affectionately call this piece of equipment, has high accuracy, superb measurements and 3D geometries (internal and external).

The demand for accurate measurements by manufacturers is high in the aviation industry. Holy exceeds expectations by investing in the latest measuring equipment; Holy rises above the competition. 

Zero defect of parts is what Holy delivers to its customers, by way of its impressive equipment and skilled operators. Our machines are regularly inspected according to industry standards, and measurements are precise for your projects.

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