Special Process Equipment

At Holy, we carry more than 80 sets of special process equipment that meet the system requirements for the aviation field. 

We cater to any size of order and provide immaculately-crafted products using the latest equipment on the market. We house our equipment within our production facility in Holy Industrial Park, located in Pengzhou, Chengdu.

Our special process equipment includes:

 Vacuum quenching furnace – High temperatures and low-pressure carburizing of furnace provides the perfect environment for high-quality parts after heat treatment, as well as for fast process performance.

 Automatic plasma spraying equipment – The most versatile type of thermal coating  process is plasma spray; it is durable, dependable and offers unblemished coatings.

 Micro-plasma welding equipment – Great metal transfer and arc qualities, with adjustments for creating the best arc circuit with high reliability and superb performance.

 Vacuum arc coating deposition equipment – For vacuum arc coating of square and round cathodes, this equipment is excellent on hard material, whether vacuum arc coating or sputter coating

 High-frequency vacuum brazing equipment – The high-frequency equipment is ideal for welding, melting, and heat treatment purposes, offering benefits such as comprehensive protection and fast heating.

 Nano-brush plating equipment – Key equipment for parts with less wear and low waste, with accurate control throughout the process for perfect uniformity.

 Surface treatment production line – We achieve excellence for surface finishing and cleaning, with both manual and automatic options. 

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