Physical & Chemical Analysis Equipment

Holy has 90 sets of physical and chemical analysis equipment. 

Why do we invest so much in our equipment? We carry the latest technology so that our engineers and manufacturers produce the best parts possible and deliver the most efficient service to customers day after day. 

By using the best-quality equipment, Holy crafts parts that are accurate and free of flaws, such as scratches, so it does not put your company behind in its production deadlines.

Physical testing / measuring equipment that Holy has at its production facility in Pengzhou, 

Chengdu include:

 ▪ Scanning electron microscope – Generate sample images by scanning a surface with high-energy electrons.

 ▪ Plasma emission spectrometer – Excellent for analyzing sample solutions, and various research and development tasks.

 ▪ Glow discharge spectrometer – This high-resolution spectrometer provides a great analysis of both conductive and non-conductive materials.

 ▪ NHO analyzer – Detects harmful gasses as an essential analysis tool.

 ▪ Microscope – Allows for in-depth analysis of aviation components to prevent flaws.

 ▪ Image analyzer – Fleshes out the inspection process to ensure parts are durable and error-free.

 ▪ Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer – Enjoy precise and fast sulfur and carbon analysis on a range of materials.

 ▪ HT-500 High-temp friction and wear tester – For wear testing of materials under pressure where there is contact, using a range of gears and data acquisition system.

 ▪ ICP plasma spectrometer & scanning electron microscope – Used to conduct research on failure analyzing and heat surface treatment.

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