Precision Valve

Precision valves are vital parts in the aviation trade. They complete flight hardware, space shuttles, and ground support equipment. Examples of quality valves we produce, free of imperfections, are butterfly, ball, sleeve, and pilot actuated valves.

From the initial design through to production and the final parts at the output stage, our staff at Holy maintain the highest standards of quality. Working at our production base in Pengzhou, Chengdu, we produce parts according to clients’ models, as per sizing and other requested specifications. We adhere to industry standards for aviation and have clear communication with our customers.

As well, we maintain the value that our parts be free of defects. We take our work seriously, understanding the important role that perfect parts play in crafting aircrafts and associated equipment. 

Our precision valves are dependable, with superior performance to competitors’ parts. Our parts have a long lifespan too as they are made with materials of an excellent quality and made by skilled operators. Holy has over 30 years experience in the aviation industry, and we are excited to help you meet your demands as your go-to precision valve parts supplier.

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