Precision Coupling Parts

Here at Holy, we are proud to make precision coupling parts upon which you can depend, for your aircraft, engines, and related aero equipment.

We use the leading technologies to engineer and manufacture coupling parts that are accurate, defect-free, and aero grade, every time. We use CNC machines for precise testing to give you the high quality of parts that you expect and require from our facility in Pengzhou, Chengdu.

While some people may consider couplings to be only minor mechanical components, we take our work seriously and understand that every part plays a role in aerospace projects. Given the importance of aircraft, it is essential that every part,regardless of its size, is reliable. Our parts are, therefore, ones you can rely on to work correctly, time after time.

We offer a range of coupling types and sizes, for your convenience. Kinds of couplings include hubbed, hi-flex clamp, pin & split hub combination, split-type hubbed, modular (complete, hubs only, or bellows only), flexible torque tube, crown tooth gear type, rigid shaft type, and more.

As well, we use finishing processes to ensure the parts are free of scratches or other imperfections. Premium quality is what we do best at Holy! 

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