General Machining Parts

Precision machining is one area we excel at within our product base at Holy. Within our facility in Pengzhou, Chengdu, we engineer and manufacture general machining parts to meet a range of customer needs.

We go above the standard of parts quality you’ve come to receive as we understand that the highest possible level is what you truly deserve to receive. Our parts are made on time, made with the best materials available and are defect-free. 

Examples of parts we produce are plates, gaskets, shims, brackets, burette holders, sliders, bearings, conveyor discharges, cutting edges, rollers, washers, and bushings.

We produce all of our parts with intense precision, using the latest equipment operated by skilled technicians. We provide functional prototypes in a range of metals and plastics for customers around the globe. We maintain high productivity levels as our CNC equipment lineup reduces the number of operations, which saves time, without negatively affecting the accuracy of parts in any way.

Holy has an impressive three decades of experience in the aviation industry. We look forward to producing your next general machining parts order! 

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