Standard Fasteners

Various fasteners are necessary for building an airplane and related equipment. The fastener connects essential equipment. At Holy, we recognize the importance of these key parts in building a complete aircraft, which is why we ensure they are made with the highest level of accuracy possible. That way reliability is what you can depend on Holy to produce, time after time.

We work at a fast yet accurate production rate, within our production facility in Pengzhou, Chengdu, to produce the standard fasteners you need to complete your orders. While our competitors may be late producing orders, we do not allow late orders at our facility. Instead, we value timelines and will meet them for you. That way you are not behind in your own manufacturing deadlines and can roll out the product as per your schedule.

When the customer sends us an engineered model of the parts they need, we are happy to fill the order, according to the model’s specifications. We produce parts according to specified weight, smoothness, inspectability, cost level, and more. Our skilled staff understand aviation guidelines and standards, and Holy abides by them for every order. We have expertise built up over 30 years of producing aviation parts.

For workmanship, you can depend on, rely on Holy to produce your standard fasteners and other precision parts. Call us right now for a free quote to fill your next order.

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