Holy is a proud engineer and manufacturer of springs for the aerospace industry. We offer products and services around the globe with a prestigious history dating back to 1976.

At Holy, we have the customer’s best interests in mind, which is why we offer both a range of springs as well as the ability to produce custom springs as per customer’s specifications. Simply provide us with the design and we will gladly fill the required order.

We offer springs in a range of metals, including steel, stainless steel, and copper. Types of springs include extension, compression, suspension, mounting, recoil, clutch, flat spiral, and many more.

Our production line is efficient, featuring the latest precision parts equipment and highly-qualified staff. Our production facility in Pengzhou, Chengdu produces springs that are accurate, without defects. We understand the importance of crafting the best parts possible as every part, regardless of its size, is integral to aviation projects. Therefore, each part we produce is reliable.

As well, we deliver our orders when we say we will, so you can rely on us as your primary provider of springs and other aviation parts. Whether you want a custom built or designed springs, we are here to do so. 

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