Sheet Metal Parts

For your sheet metal parts used in the aviation industry, please count on Holy as your main manufacturer. We are happy to work with new customers and to fill any size of order; as well, we offer our parts and services to companies around the world.

Our production facility is based in Pengzhou, Chengdu, which is where we offer accurate, flawless parts. Our sheet metal parts are recognized for their superior quality and perfect finishes. We test all parts and deliver on time.

Holy offers a range of sheet metal parts, such as skins, covers, ribs, longerons, and leading edges. We work with many types of materials, including stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, silver, nickel, and brass.

Regardless of which exact parts we provide our customers, we recognize the importance of the work we do. Each part is necessary for crafting a working, durable aircraft. We are proud to contribute our reliable parts to aviation projects worldwide. 

As well, we fill orders on time so that customers are not behind in their deadlines. Holy’s operations run smoothly, using the latest manufacturing equipment and expert staff. With three decades producing parts in the aviation field, Holy is a name synonymous with quality. 

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